Nedaa Kharoub (Finalist)

“Creating more young entrepreneurs in Jordan isn’t a choice, it’s a necessity,” affirms Nedaa Kharoub, pointing to the country’s limited natural resources and growing youth population in search of livelihoods. To nurture an entrepreneurial mindset among the nation’s youth, Nedaa co-founded Trip to Innovation (TTI). TTI pursues a three-phased approach to introducing youth to the world of entrepreneurship. It begins by hosting awareness-raising workshops targeting college students. The events, held in inspiring venues across the country, spur young people’s creativity while sparking innovative thinking. For those with a business idea they want to develop, TTI offers technical trainings where youth gain practical skills in business planning, budgeting, and conducting market analyses. In the final phase, TTI connects aspiring entrepreneurs to companies and mentors to help incubate their ideas.