Rawan Abu Al Failat (Finalist)

Rawan Abu Al Failat created the project “Raneen: Audio Library for Children” with the goal of bringing stories to life for young people, ages 5 to 16, while improving their listening and Arabic language skills. Rawan, who is blind, grew up with a passion for hearing stories, which later translated into her interest in drama and the performing arts. As a young girl, she would listen intently as her mother read he favorite stories. When her mother was diagnosed with throat cancer and could no longer read books aloud, Rawan recognized how important storytelling had become to her. “I knew other blind children whose parents could not read to them,” she says. “It became a dream for me to make audio stories available for children anytime they desired.” Rawan is now well on the way to realizing her dream. To date, she has produced five CDs containing 13 audio stories. The stories are performed and recorded by a team of volunteer professionals. To date, Rawan has succeeded in generating roughly USD 10,000 in in-kind donations of time and equipment for her project