Q: How many people win the award?
A: The Award will acknowledge ten finalists, while further eliminations will result with three winners of the ten.
Q: When can I start applying?
A: The call for applications begins March 12th 2015
Q: How long will the application period last?
A: The call for applications will last one month, the end date will be April 12th 2015
Q: Can I edited my application once I have begun?
A: Applications may be saved and edited at a later time. However, once the end date arrives, no applications will be processed nor will the editing of existing applications be allowed.
Q: How will my application be reviewed?
A: The applications are reviewed by a dedicated team of the King Abdullah II Fund for Development. The criteria against which they are reviewed are:
  1. Leadership & Innovation
  2. Collaboration & Partnership
  3. Impact & sustainability
Q: How will this award affect my program?
A: The winners will receive a monetary award in order to expand the scope of their programs. 80% will be dedicated to expanding the award itself and its impact; while 20% will be dedicated to building the capacity of team members.
Q: How will I know if my application has been accepted for the award?
A: The King Abdullah II Fund for Development will contact you directly based on the contact information provided in the application form.
Q: When will I know if my application has been accepted for the award?
A: Results will be issued starting May 18th 2015
Q: What happens after I win the award?
A: Follow-up audits, monitoring and evaluating will take place to document the impact and current changes being made to the program.
Q: What level of exposure will the award provide my program?
A: The ten final projects will receive regional exposure.
Q: What happens if I get into the top ten but not the top three?
A: The remaining seven finalists will receive the chance to gain funding from the Award’s Innovation Fund.
Q: What is expected of me after I receive the award?
A: Winners of the King Abdullah II Award for Youth Innovation & Achievement become eligible to be selected as ambassadors of the King Abdullah II Fund for Development and are expected to contribute in the following ways:
  1. To join the KAAYIA Alumni network
  2. To support and mentor new KAAYIA candidates in upcoming cycles to develop their projects
  3. To undergo training programs to build the capacity and outreach of the project and team members