Initiated in 2009 and held every two years, the King Abdullah II Award for Youth Innovation & Achievement has succeeded in conducting three cycles to date.
It filters the most notable social innovation and creativity programs of the region and recognizes their efforts to establish sustainable change.
The Award proceeds with selecting the winners through a three phase process. Each of these phases will be assessed separately, and with due process.
  • The first phase will include selecting twenty three projects which will qualify as semi-finalists. These projects are measured by assessment of the following:
      1. Project concept within the country context
      2. The project’s response to a community need
      3. Well established projects vs. recently launched ones
      4. Sustainability variation
      5. Degree of innovation in servicing the project
      6. Detail in which the application is completed
      7. How have previous funds been handled
      8. Transparency of the project’s outcomes, action plan, and finances
      9. Clarity in definition of project’s vision and mission
  • The second phase will follow to select ten projects These projects will include the following assessments:
      1. Field visits to determine the impact of the project
      2. A financial assessment of the project
      3. A performance audit of the project
      4. Assessment by mutual scoring done by the King Abdullah II Fund for Development and an expert panel of judges
      5. Assessment of applicant’s qualities to inspire and lead
  • The third phase will result in the selection of three projects, which will be the winners of King Abdullah II Award for Youth Innovation & Achievement 2015. These projects will be selected by an expert panel of judges.